Market Report for Homewood! Consistency Is The Thing

I ran a few reports on Homewood today, and the consistency of the market for Homewood over the past 9 to 12 months has been very impressive. If you are a Homewood homeowner looking to sell, here's what you can expect...

2018-01 KM Homewood figures.jpg

I've only got the average, so obviously take into account just how 'hot' your individual neighborhood is, but the the average days on the market of sold properties is just under 100 days, and it has been that for just about every month since March. Expect about 3 months, and then adjust to your neighborhood's current temperature.

Sale price? Homewood is on the upper end of our Birmingham market, there's no surprise there, but the average sale price has been very consistent over the past year, ranging from $330k to $360k each month - it's kind of jumped back and forth between the two from month to month. (For reference, average sale price across Greater Birmingham is currently about $244k)

Average sales price against the asking price has also been consistently good for Homewood homes, currently at better than 96% of asking price, which is pretty consistent (96-98%) over the past 9 to 12 months.

The only area of noticeable change has been the number of new properties listed, down substantially from March (90-ish) to less than 25 new listings in December. Listings can be a seasonal deal, but if you're a Homewood homeowner thinking about selling, listing now could be advantageous! (And CALL ME about it, please! 205 790-4044!)

Harry Long

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