Cool Off Period? Not Really.

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It’s widely held in real estate circles that the market “cools off” along with Fall weather.  Yet, many years December is one of my best sales months! Many would-be Sellers hold out for the craze of the Spring home sales market, but if you are thinking of selling, there are good reasons not to wait.

  1. Competition. The law of supply and demand works for you in the off season. With fewer homes on the market, yours stands out. And with fewer options, Buyers have to offer a price closer to list. 

  2. Buyers are serious and willing to commit. Many jobs start in the new year, putting Buyers in the market in the fall. Relocation is a big factor even over the holidays, when prospective Buyers have vacation time to explore a new city. 

  3. Your house has never looked better. The lights, the greenery, that cozy fire in the fireplace…the holidays bring out our best!

Considering a cold weather move? Here’s how to make your home a hot property:

  1. Plan ahead on photos. Look through your camera roll for shots in different seasons. The azaleas blooming in Spring or the maple tree flourishing in the Fall make a great counterbalance to winter photos. 

  2. Keep up appearances outside. Clean up leaves and mulch empty beds. Plant pansies or winter hardy foliage in planters. 

  3. Buyers will spend more time indoors in the winter, so make sure your home is warm and bright inside. Most homes will require additional lighting in winter to counteract lower levels of sunlight.

  4. Go minimalist. In the holiday season (or out) keep it clean and uncluttered with soft, neutral colors. 

For any home owner, the winter months are a great time to get to those projects inside! Clean out the closets, repaint with an updated color, rearrange the furniture. It will pay off if-or when-you decide to sell. 

Harry Long

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