Well, first, I am a mom. I have two kids (Mary Grace and Luke) that love nothing more than being loud, forgetting to close the door behind them, and getting on each others’ nerves – in short, they’re perfect.

In 2000, I said “I Do” to my partner in life, Blake. He is a dentist, an occupation made famous by The Hangover movies.

Outside of college, I’ve lived in Mountain Brook my entire life. My family and I love it. It’s a wonderful place to call home, with easy access to lakes, beaches, and mountains, there are so many options to explore.

I’m also very encouraged by the recent growth of the city in general. The new baseball park downtown, the constant acclaim and success of our medical community, the birth of a wonderful brewing industry (that has totally changed the social culture and activities of the area), fine dining, excellent school options – good things are happening in Birmingham right now, and I’m excited about it.

I have double Masters degrees – one in Business Administration, and another in Health Care Administration. I tried the hospital industry for awhile, but found that it just didn’t fit my personality. I prefer a more ‘hands-on’ association. So in 2005, I began my real estate career. Since becoming a realtor, I have come to appreciate how beneficial my Masters degree has helped me in my approach – assessing and understanding the overall goals and priorities of my client. A real estate sale is not only a financial interest, it’s a personal and often emotional process that differs with each client. Understanding this presents me with the challenge of aligning those priorities and developing a strategy to achieve the goal. It’s a smarter approach to realty – I think, at least – and that excites me.

I am licensed in Alabama, and I’ve sold homes in the greater Birmingham area, Smith Lake area, and Lay Lake. I’ve been fortunate to have a pretty high batting average, as my average home sale is at 96% of the listing price. My listings have sold for nearly 50% more than the Jefferson/Shelby County average sales price.

What am I doing with this website? The easy thing to say is that I’m using it to help display my listings and get people interested in selling or buying homes with me. And yep – that’s true.

But I also want to use this space to share. I’ve learned a lot – and I continue to – about how to be smarter in realty. It’s your largest investment, and an area where experience matters – and I’ve seen it all. I was a realtor in Birmingham back in 2005-2007 – remember what was going on back then? Homes were sold before the sign post was settled. I was a realtor in 2009. And 2010. And 2011. The activity wasn’t quite the same.

What I’m saying is that I’ve experienced – along with my clients – all types of scenarios. I want to pass along what I’ve learned so that you are making wise choices when you are buying or selling your next home.

My payoff from real estate can be summed up in one short communication I recently received from a client. It was only four words, and it made my day.

“I am so happy.”